Invited Speakers:

  1. Stephan Denifl, Leopold Franzens-Universitat Innsbruck, Austria
    Inelastic electron scattering from doped helium droplets
  2. Ulrich Eichmann, Max Born Institute, Berlin, Germany
    Excitation and acceleration of atoms in strong short-pulse laser fields
  3. Wolfgang Ernst, Graz University of Technology, Austria
    Cold chemistry in helium droplets
  4. Peter Lambropoulos, University of Crete, Greece
    Multiple Ionization under Strong XUV and X-ray Radiation
  5. Fernando Martin, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
    Molecular self-assembly on metal surfaces and graphene
  6. Zdzislaw Musielak, The University of Texas, Arlington, USA
    Origin of Schrodinger-like Equations and Quantum Mechanics without Classical Mass and Planck Constant
  7. Gebhard von Oppen, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
    A new perspective on the transition from quantum to classical physics
  8. Maria Novella Piancastelli, Uppsala University, Sweden
    Advances in molecular dynamics at the new synchrotron and free-electron laser sources
  9. Thomas Stohlker, GSI Darmstadt, Germany
    Test of Quantum Electrodynamics in Strong Coulomb and Intense Photon Fields
  10. Jan Szczepański, University of Florida, USA
    Photon-induced ejection of molecular hydrogen from interstellar molecules
  11. Joachim Ullrich, Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany
    Pump-Probe Experiments at FELs
  12. Dirk van der Werf, Swansea University, UK
    Physics with Antiparticles and Antihydrogen
  13. William van Wijngaarden, York University, Toronto, Canada
    Precision Measurements in Neutral and Singly Ionized Lithium